About collage 2

Hiya, I’m Jane and I love to sew.  I’ve lived in Denver, Colorado for the past 10 years but spent most of my formative years in St. Louis, Missouri.  And by day I am a part-time librarian at the local law school.

I have been sewing since I was a teenager.  As a girl, I used to watch my mother sewing and insisted there were better ways to do it.  She “kindly” bequeathed me her sewing machine & I’ve never looked back.  I’ve taken a few formal classes (anyone remember Clothworld?) but mostly self taught.  I went through a long dry spell of not sewing (2001 – 2008).  After coming to terms with my aging (read: shifting) body I’ve picked up the habit again.  I am rather dull and sew only dresses but I love them.

I joined DSC in April 2009 and LOVE IT.  I have met the most amazing people.  I would be lost without my sewing friends.

When I’m not sewing I love to read, cook, garden and hula-hoop.  I am a terribly big fan of eating too which requires me to exercise regularly to support that habit.  I think Netflix is brilliant and could bore you to tears about all the great sci-fi, mystery, & period shows I love to watch.  I also spend a lot of time on Pinterest culling ideas for my next sewing project.

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