My Arsenal

Sewing machine:  Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist
Serger/coverlock:  Pfaff 4872
Iron:  Naomoto HYS-58 aka “The Hanzo”

How I Started Sewing

I can’t remember how old I was (10? 12?), but I got into sewing when a friend showed me how to how to sew poofy fabric scrunchies, popular in the 90’s, out of scraps of fabric we bought in Wal-marts sewing department. I made dozens of them in various colors and prints to coordinate with all my outfits, which I’m sure is what catapulted me to the most fashionable girl in school. (I’m assuming… my memory’s a little fuzzy on that.)

My Favorite Things

Drapey fabrics, indie patterns, having the right tools, black and white, blouses, jackets, making a big mess, those magical moments when you remember to change the bobbin before it runs out, and fabric sales. Especially fabric sales.


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