McCalls Sewing Pattern 7131 – Warning: Culottes Ahead!

Ah, culottes. AKA gauchos, knee breeches, skorts or my favorite, bifurcated skirt. Whatever name you call them there are few garments that cause such passionate debate. There are two camps, those that love ’em and those that don’t.

McCalls 7131
McCalls 7131

I happen to love culottes or I wouldn’t be wasting my sewing time by making them. So, here they are in all their glory, plus a quick review. I especially like these since they are so voluminous and skirt like. I do want to make a more trouser like pair for fall with less volume.

  • McCalls 7131 has three different length options. I choose D. I’m 5’7 and I made a 1/2″ hem to give you some perspective.
  • Cut the size 10 as the fit is generous, I ended up taking in the elastic by 2 inches.
  • Pattern is super easy and I love the flat front waist band.
  • I opted not to use the 1/4″ elastic but instead used a 2″ wide elastic band.
  • I took up the crotch length to fit my personal measurements.
  • Next time I think I would make an adjustment to decrease the amount of fabric on the back waistband.
  • The fabric is from JoAnn’s, a poly silky.
  • You can’t really see it but it has nice soft pleating in the front and lovely scoop  pockets.

And, that is all there really is. I posted a video on Instagram to show the flow of the garment. Warning: I just rolled out of bed and took these photos (hence the headless shots) in the video I’m looking a bit worn. But, wearing these just makes me want to kick my heels up!

On to the Awkward Modeling portion of the show.


McCalls 7131 from Denver Sews

FULL 7131

SIDE 2 7131
Mmmm. Pockets.

And, I dare you not to do this at least once in your culottes.

Mccalls 7131 from Jilly at Denver Sews



  1. they look gorgeous! I’m about to make these today, but as my fabric is a bit heavier I’d like to make them a bit less “voluminous”. any suggestions as to how to do this?

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    • Sorry for the delay in responding. But have you made them yet? How much volume did you want to get rid of? It might be better to find a different pattern if you want to get rid of a lot. I have some suggestions for less voluminous if you need it!


  2. Really, really nice Jilly! They look much nicer on you than the pattern envelope. I have a couple patterns in my stash (circa 1980’s maybe) but they are very similar. Maybe a tad less full. You make me want to dig them out! I’ve been a big gaucho fan ever since I first saw them on Barbara Stanwyck. 🙂


  3. You are so pulling off the culottes! Lovely! I’m staying away from them this time since I’ve worn them a lot in a previous fashion cycle :I


  4. Oh Jill! So excited to see a culottes post! They look great on you (damn your tallness). I really want to try some but don’t like waistbands. Arrggh.

    PS Love the awkward modeling shots.

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