My Sewing Week

Last week I was involved in three great sewing related activities through the Denver Sewing Collective.

Thursday was great to see new and familiar faces, we didn’t have anything planned this month for the Denver Sewing Collective but the weather was nice and spring was in the air. I actually can’t even remember what project I brought or what I did. Hmm.

First off I went with Marni to Colorado Fabrics for no better reason than it was a Saturday and on the way to the ASG Denver meeting. Bought these gems. The white is a crepe rayon. No idea yet what I’ll do but it’s going to be good.

fab fabric

After our mini shopping spree we headed over to the American Sewing Guild Denver Chapter’s first General Meeting of the year. In the past ASG Denver would have 3-4 general meetings but for whatever reasons they fell by the wayside. Last year there was a strong vote to bring them back. After being at my first one, gotta say I love ’em. They’re a great way to meet new members, see what everyone is up to and for neighborhood groups to show off a bit.

Our fearless leader Jan McMinn snagged Stephanie Onhmacht of Stephanie O Designs, Project Runway and Under the Gunn fame as our first guest speaker.  And, what a great speaker she is. She is charming, loves creating and I think we were all in awe of her energy and passion. She spoke for a little over an hour and held everyone’s attention. She also brought her designs in and I think everyone there flipped the hem to take a peek. We had a SRO crowd with new members, non-members and people as far away as Craig, Colorado and Wyoming. WOW! The Q&A portion had great questions from the audience about her creative process, what’s it’s like to do reality television show and so much more. All the board members were thrilled with the first General Meeting of 2015

jan and stephanie.sro 11322_929625160411446_7057374772409561041_n downton abbey neighborhood gruop phtoos asg

On Sunday the Denver Sewing Collective and the Mini Maker Faire Denver hosted a tour of CoSewn with Jessica Montoya owner of CoSewn. This tour was completely thought up by Karen Corliss who is the coordinator of the Denver Maker Faire. We had members from DSC as well as people from Denver Maker Faire join in. COSewn is a development and manufacturing provider for independent fashion companies.  Having these services here in Colorado is exciting for the growing fashion industry and for making clothes in the USA. Jessica is a gracious host showing us around on a day when the facility is normally closed. Plus she had brownies!

cutting fabric roller thing machine patternssewing room table

You can see more photos and videos on the American Sewing Guild Denver Facebook page and the Denver Sewing Collective page too.

As Marni and I were driving home we were both jazzed about all these great sewing events and most of all people that are here in our neck of the woods doing what they love. It was so wonderful to literally see behind the seams and chat with passionate people. You can’t help but be inspired. What a great week!

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