Why I joined American Sewing Guild

Two big reasons I joined American Sewing Guild  are Denise Woodson Ofria and Jan McMinn.

american sewing guild

I met Denise and Jan through DSC and consequently learned a lot about the current leadership’s efforts to bring the Denver chapter back to its roots of promoting the art of sewing. Not just quilting, not just garments but the “Art of Sewing”.

Why did it take me so long?

My past experience with the ASG local neighborhood groups has been not so enthusiastic.  I checked out my local neighborhood group and was told it was only a quilting group and there was no offer of help to point me in another direction, so I formed my own group.

{If you have had a similar experience let me know in the comments section below or email me a jill.dsc@gmail.com. I will get you in touch with someone who will get you the contacts that you need to find a chapter/group that fits your needs.}

So what did Jan and Denise say to sway me not only to be a member but put my name in the hat for Vice President? First is their personal passion for garment sewing, these ladies love to sew garments! Second, is their excitement for what ASG Denver can be as a sewing organization. It’s impossible not to get excited about the plans and the future for ASG Denver.

What’s in it for me?

You might be asking what the benefits of joining ASG. Well, for one you will have access to classes and workshops that are led by nationally and internationally recognized sewing experts. These ladies (and gentlemen) know their stuff. These are experts in their fields of garment sewing, embroidery, quilting and so on.

These people are not part-time bloggers who make sleeve patterns out of tomato soup cans but experts, highly recognized in their fields.

Currently, I’m signed up to take a jacket tailoring class as well as refining pants in a local neighborhood group with other women who are tackling pants.

What about Denver Sewing Collective?

I thought about how joining ASG was going to affect what I’ve built with DSC. I believe that it will only enhance it and give it more credibility. After all our missions are similar, promoting the art of sewing, community and giving back are most important to Denver Sewing Collective.

Already my involvement with ASG Denver is exceeding my sewing expectations. I look forward to seeing how I will grow as a seamstress over the next year with ASG Denver and how I can share with members from DSC.

I encourage you to check out more about  American Sewing Guild the national organization. And, for those in Denver please check the following:

ASG Denver Facebook

ASG Denver Chapter Website 

asg denver


    • And you’re a great asset too, Lynne! I hope to have some time to get to know you soon. I’ve enjoyed watching DSC and seeing all the fun stuff going on there. With all the opportunities we have to sew, I think work is going to get in my way!

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  1. Hi Jilly, It’s so great to see garment sewing coming back in such a big way. I know of a lot of boomers like me who are re-embracing it, since we now have more time for a hobby. I’ll have to check out the ASG in my neck of the woods.

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    • I hope you do. I was pleasantly surprised at the level of garment sewing that is going on there. Really excited to get started on the tailored jacket.


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