Burda September 2014 Review (International Edition)

Burda-Sept-2014 Cover

If you’ve forgotten Burda is a German magazine, the Oktoberfest theme throughout the September should remind you. What? You don’t have dirndls and fabric pretzels at the top of your September sewing list? Fine, I’ll start with the (somewhat) normal stuff. If you remember from the preview last month, I called this lovely pic “Grease extras with a wardrobe malfunction”. Burda apparently calls it “Oh so very British”. Who can keep those English speaking countries straight anyways?

Burda-Sept-2014 Grease Extras

This actually does look British, although it’s not retro. An anorak pattern isn’t that original, but I like how it looks in a plaid boucle.

Burda-Sept-2014 Plaid Parka

This t-shirt is a nice basic with a twist but I think I’d lengthen it. The flounce skirt is again something I’ve seen plenty of times before, but it looks great in a plaid on the bias.

Burda-Sept-2014 V-neck Tee and Flare Skirt

I really like this plaid jacket with patent leather trim. The trim on the square pockets adds a lot of interest, and even though it’s boxy it has bust darts so I bet it’s a flattering fit. They showed the same jacket in the Oktoberfest section as an alpine jacket. Not my style, but cute and the angled cuffs are lovely. I can see a lot of bloggers who are into the 40’s look wearing this.

Burda-Sept-2014 Short Jackets

Burda had an entire section devoted to dark florals which seem to be trendy right now. I like dark florals… just not any of these. Fortunately I like a few of the patterns better than the fabrics. This jacket has zipper trim along the lapels , waist, and shoulder seams. It’s also the sewing lesson for the month. I’m glad Burda is choosing some more complicated patterns for the sewing lesson – you really only need so many tutorials on how to sew a t-shirt.

Burda-Sept-2014 Zipper Trim Jacket

This shawl collar blouse is a petite size pattern. It has the same flattering long vertical lines down the front as the waterfall cardigans I love – great for petite women.

Burda-Sept-2014 Petite Waterfall Blouse

“Dressy” sweatshirts are everywhere right now and I’ve been wanting to make one… just not this one. The boatneck just looks wrong, and what is up with the all the poufyness in the upper arm? Yuck.

Burda-Sept-2014 Sweatshirt

From a section full of modern patterns in all grey, this may be my favorite in the issue. The bodice seaming is FANTASTIC and for once it actually carries to the back. (The back has the same swoops and they meet up at the shoulder and side of the waist. A lot of seamlines to match up perfectly though!)

Burda-Sept-2014 Swoop Dress

Shirt hems on skirts are in style right now, and the uneven tabbed waistband is an interesting touch.

Burda-Sept-2014 Contour Hem Skirt

I’m not sure how many people could pull off this parka dress, I just included it because I saw the model and thought… PRANCERCISE! Or maybe the poor girl just got caught in a weird candid pose.

Burda-Sept-2014 Prancercise

This craft feature really irked me. Burda shows us a couple of amazing button-up shirts with a literal twist to them… and then tells us to get the look by rubberbanding some marbles behind a blouse so that it looks like you got your shirt caught in the waistband of your granny panties. If I wanted a designer looking twisted button-up, I’d sew it up from a pattern. You know… those things in the centerfold of BURDA MAGAZINE?! Don’t show me cool clothes and then not give me the pattern.

Burda-Sept-2014 Marbles in a Blouse

The plus size section opened with this pieced jacket. The patterned fabric here probably doesn’t do it justice, but I could see it in a sherling with exposed seams. Or maybe a stripe set at different angles… if you felt like cutting out all those pieces and adding seam allowances.

Burda-Sept-2014 Plus Pieced Jacket

This plus size sheath dress is amazing. I love the rectangular pieces at the neck – if you have some fancy trim you’ve been looking to use something on, this is it.

Burda-Sept-2014 Plus Pattern Blocked Dress

This skirt is somewhat simple but I don’t think I’ve seen it before. It would be a great project for a beginner.

Burda-Sept-2014 Plus Triangle Inset Skirt

Be honest, you want to see the Oktoberfest costumes even though you’re not going to sew them. The hills are alive with the sound of music!

Burda-Sept-2014 Sound of Music

Burda attempts to convince us that you can wear a dirndl elsewhere. These are all okay, but it’s mostly just great fabrics that I’d like better with another pattern.

Burda-Sept-2014 Dirndl Dresses

The one thing I liked in this section is this quilted heart bag. I KNOW it’s on a 7 year old girl, but you can’t tell me I can’t wear it! The ASOS model on the right can pull it off. I also know for a fact that JoAnn’s has that chain trim with a velvet ribbon woven though it if you want to knock off the look.

Burda-Sept-2014 Quilted Heart Bag

If you finish your dirndl early, you can always sew some low calorie fabric pretzels and glue beer steins to the top of toothpicks for your cheese plate. Snack time?

Burda-Sept-2014 Fabric Pretzel


  1. Well I1ve been buying Burda Magazines for the past 23yrs…I love buying them and I always find something interesting to saw in them:)keep giving us great ideas of how we can be satisfied with doing our own cloths:)thank you x


  2. Apparently the Germans think the British can’t keep their clothes on either! I haven’t used a Burda pattern in ages, but maybe it’s time to try again. Thanks for the inspiration, dirndls and all.


    • Oh, you have a good eye! I’ve had that issue lying around on my living room floor for awhile and still didn’t notice. It looks better with some of the shine photoshopped out.


      • Yeah, I like it as a concept for a normal length shirt, not a half shirt or dress with exposed bodice. Folds/pleats down center front.


  3. And, I think I’ll pass. I did like the waterfall blouse/jacket. But, not much into inserting marbles into shirts, not drindle skirts.Although that was an interesting take on the drindle in the Dance for Joy pic. And, sweatshirts dressy or not should only be worn when prancerzing.

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