Try a Style Arc pattern for free!

UPDATED! January 2019

I’ve seen a few promos lately for a free downloadable Style Arc pattern if you join their mailing list. Since I’ve been sewing a lot of Style Arc patterns lately I thought I’d evangelize a bit and pass them along… I swear I’m not a shill for the company! I just really appreciate it when I find a company who puts out patterns with consistent sizing that actually look like the drawings/photos when you sew them up and that I don’t need to make a lot of adjustments to. Besides, you all like free patterns, right?!

Many people swear by their flat butt pant pattern. And sometimes Style Arc will offer a similar pant pattern for free so be sure to check. A lot of people like the fit of the crotch of the older Linda pattern that this was based off of, so if you are struggling finding a good pants sloper I recommend trying this out.

Here’s a few patterns they be offered for free in prior months.

StyleArc Ann T-Top

The one thing I don’t like about Style Arc patterns is that you order one size only. I was hesitant about this at first, but I’ve been buying the same size every time based off the size chart and haven’t had a problem. I’m a pear shape so I buy according to the bust measurement even if my hips don’t quite fit in that range, and so far that’s been working well. Even with the pants patterns, I find erring on the smaller side for stretch pants is best. The free offer say that Chloe will email you 3 sizes grouped around the size you select, so this is a great chance to figure out your Style Arc size for free. Here’s a link to the size chart.

And, since this update they are now selling on Amazon, great for those with Amazon Prime. Any of the offers sign you up for the email list, but I usually get an email about every two weeks when new patterns come out. Nothing spammy. So… is anyone going to give either of these patterns a try? Sewing anything fun this weekend?


  1. Much thanks for the style arc links! I’ve wanted to try them but feared the single size. Now I get to try a top and pants to verify my sizing. They just hit my in box yeah!!!!


  2. Did anyone make the Ann T yet? Regarding the Sleeve, should the top portion be basted and slightly gathered then pinned to the bodice? I don’t know if it is using scissors to cut out or the hand of my fabric, but I have having extra material on the top of the sleeve portion, an inch or so. The pattern does not mention anything. Should I recut or rip out and baste/gather and resew?

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    • Hmm, I don’t know if there is supposed to be sleeve cap ease – I haven’t cut it out yet. (Too many other things on my table right now.) You could check by lying your tape measure along the seam lines on the pattern pieces to compare. (Aka walking the pattern.) I would just ease whatever you cut in, but you don’t have to gather on a knit if you don’t want. If you pin it together according to the notches and distribute the bubbles evenly between the pins, just stretch as you sew between the pins. Whatever is easier for you though.


  3. Thanks for passing along these free Style Arc patterns Jamie! I’ll be spending part of my weekend taping together the Ann T-Top – I just printed it out. I’m not sure if I consider that fun, but I do love free patterns!

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  4. I’ll try it. You say go with bust measurements? I may try this pattern (after making it as is) with Maria of Denmark’s full bust adjustment. I want to try her dartless shirt and skirt adjustments.


  5. I might try the top pattern. But then that would mean I need to go to the fabric store. And I just spent all day getting rid of unwanted fabric (yes, there is such a thing) and cleaning the old sewing room. So maybe not?

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