How to wear a slip

This is not my grandma

Slips. Why don’t we wear slips? And, really with Madame Liz has inspiration, you think every woman in the world would be slipping into a slip. That’s how you wear a slip!

Here’s a little video from the ’40’s of the great slip. There is so much to love here. The music is perfect, the choreography is Balanchine worthy and, the camera work is amazing. Oh and the slips. Let’s pretend they’re made of silk, aren’t they beautiful?

My grandma wore slips like that.  With the hot nights in southern Minnesota wearing a slip was the only thing to wear at night.

I remember going into her bedroom once. It was unspoken but generally a place we didn’t go. It was a room that connected to double glass doors that led out to a small balcony where me and my sisters would pretend we were Juliet to the dog’s Romeo. Her room had a unique smell that was comforting, mixed with my grandpa’s pipe tobacco smell; earthy, vanilla and a hint of flowers. Her dresser had a pretty doily on it and her silver hand mirror and dainty bottles filled with creams and perfumes. Her slips were in the top drawer, all folded, cool and slinky.




  1. Jill this makes me feel very old! I am a slip wearer to this day, similar to a few of the ones in the video. I have one satin full slip of my mother’s. Camisoles and fancy panties are the under items today (for the young ladies), Under garments of ole are just sexy enough to be wore anymore. I’m glad to see this article and the video. Thank you


  2. I haven’t seen slips for sale for decades. I used to get the most lovely vintage slips in thrift stores but that was probably 30 years ago. I never see slips anymore, not even in thrift stores. It’s weird how something everyone used to wear can disappear so completely!


  3. I remember looking for a slip to wear under a dress in a department store years ago and not being able to find a single one. I guess that’s why we sew.


  4. Loved the video. I have made many slips in my day.and have kept all the patterns. Vogue has two new ones that are gorgeous. Check out V9015 and V8888. Let’s make some and all stand around and looking great in our slips.

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  5. I recently saw a photo of Kate Middleton taken when the wind blew her skirt up. Her legs and buttocks were fully exposed. I couldn’t help thinking, Where are her panties? Where is her slip? A slip can prevent unwanted exposure and should enjoy renewed popularity, especially among those whom the paparazzi follow relentlessly.


    • Oh my gosh, I didn’t see that one! I remember seeing photos of Princess Di wearing no slip and the paparazzi were having a field day. You think that wearing a slip would be written in some Royal decree or something!


  6. Since I’ve been wearing knit dresses really for the first time in the last few years, I’ve noticed the full slip as an essential that is sadly missingfrom my wardrobe. Thanks for the homage to these under valued beauties.

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    • I am looking at vintage slip patterns to sew my own. Full slips are hard to find. But I notice with knits they can be kind of see through so I sew in lining. But a full slip would be perfect.


  7. Oh Jill … I agree. I love slips. I wear them all the time – mostly half slips that are in a short style. Last year I bought three full slips at an estate sale for a $1 each. I *LOVE* them. In fact I wore one to bed last night.

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