Burda May 2014 Review (International Edition)

Burda May 2014 - Cover

Considering the summer styles are usually when Burda patterns seem to drop off in complexity and I start to lose interest, I was pretty happy with the variety in the May issue. Let’s jump right in… My favorite dress from this issue was this v-neck raglan sleeve dress with contrast bands along all the seam lines. Unfortunately for me this was a tall pattern and I don’t know that I have the enthusiasm to shorten it.

Burda May 2014 - Contrast Band Dress

This pieced dress was shown in strapless and cap sleeve versions. I can’t quite tell in the second photo, but I think the pink version is a mini skirt length? If I made it I’d probably combine the longer skirt on the left with the sleeves on the right. The description says it has a two-way zipper in back which I’m assuming means a zipper the full length of the dress.

Burda May 2014 - Strapless Dress

Burda gave us another bomber jacket pattern this month, and this one has some interesting lines along the raglan sleeve line. I also really like the diagonal welt pockets with snaps on this version.

Burda May 2014 - Bomber Jacket

The bust line of this dress is quite flattering, although maybe a bit low. It’s the same bodice pattern as the peplum blouse on the cover, which is also the pattern featured in the detailed instructions section.

Burda May 2014 - Peplum Blouse

Next up was a beachwear feature, and I temporarily got excited about this skirt because I assumed it was a wrap skirt. Silly me, this is two pieces – a zippered skirt and a flap you tie on over it. Because nothing says “casual beachwear” like a skirt you have to zip up and then tie some other thing over the top of and keep adjusting because it rides up and spins around.

Burda May 2014 - Beach Skirt

This wrap front vest is one of those patterns that I like in theory but not in practice. (Are seamstresses the only people who feel that way about clothes?) It’s interesting and I want to like it, but… I think it’s too stiff maybe? Not the right styling? I’ll be interested to see what people on BurdaStyle make out of it.

Burda May 2014 - Crossfront Vest

This next feature was called “Model Style” and the description says “We asked four models to try on our different styles…” LOL, isn’t that a description of every magazine shoot? Anyways, I liked this V-neck dress with a circle skirt but, again, this is a tall pattern. And I’m just realizing that it is the same bodice as the first pattern I showed, DOH. At least I’m consistent about what I like.

Burda May 2014 - Circle Dress

This knot front blouse is cute and the asymmetry makes it slightly different than the standard knot front pattern with a seam straight down the center front.

Burda May 2014 - Knot Top

A lot of readers really liked the vintage blouse pattern in this issue, but I don’t know if it’s for me. It looks pretty high-waisted and you’d have to be very careful in choosing a fabric or the scarf detail at the front could look awful.

Burda May 2014 - Vintage Blouse

I really liked the rockabilly themed plus size feature this month, but looking at it a second time I think it’s the fabric and the styling that I like more than the patterns themselves. Don’t get me wrong, the patterns are nice, but a little basic. I do like that this black top has pockets – it’s not everyday I see a blouse with pockets.

Burda May 2014 - Plus Part 1

Here’s a couple of even more basic plus size patterns. By the end of the feature even the model is looking a little un-enthused.

Burda May 2014 - Plus Part 2

I might be losing my mind, but I think I want to make this Burda craft feature. The question is, what part of my apartment would look better decorated with plush squirrels and stuffed acorns?

Burda May 2014 - Squirrels

I really haven’t made fun of much in this issue yet, so I’ll leave you with feature I’m just going to call “WTF?”

Burda May 2014 - WTF


  1. The crisscross vest is one that I would like to make, if ever I finish my pants by Sandra Betzinia. Since all of these patterns have to be re-sized for me I usually don’t find too many that I want to do the work to make them. The fabrics used are nice though.


  2. I’m loving the blouse with the pockets and ruffles. Grand plans in my mind that it would be really cute in a black bandanna print I have that skulls and flames. You know me. Always the weird stuff.


  3. Yes, I love their fabrics mostly, too. A lot of the Burda pieces wouldn’t look good picking fabrics from the ugly prints that JoAnn’s and Hancock always sell. I wish Burda would have a fabric section, or offer the same fabrics next to offering the patterns. Or do they?

    I love the first dress with the blue bands


  4. I don’t buy and use Burda anymore. I have noticed that I am attracted to the pattern more due to used fashion fabric then pattern themself. I look more at the technical drawings then pictures. Then usually I see that it is easy to make having basic patterns.
    I like fabrics they use though.


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