DailyCraftTV – Chevron Fabric Basket REVIEW


I cannot help but be intrigued by a cute, usable fabric box with a seemingly complicated design on its exterior. I’ve been thinking of buying the privilege of watching this video for some time and finally did.

DailyCraftTV screen shot

I can’t quite figure out if this was a Sew It All TV episode or if it was made specifically for the CraftDailyTV offerings. The length is about 27 minutes, which makes me think it was filmed for a half-hour segment.

A half-hour show is about all I can tolerate of online videos, so that was perfect for me. However, because it was so short, the instructions for making the box were adequate, but a little sparse. I have made tote bags using the basic approach that they took for the box so it was nothing new. (Take two rectangles, sew three sides, and box the corners).

I did enjoy the chevron patterning of the exterior and the nice big rick-rack edging. It was very cute. But once I saw how the chevron patterning was done, I realized that there was nothing especially clever or difficult about it. The finish was a little sloppy, in my opinion, but probably a necessity given the time constraints of the show.

I paid $9.99 for the privilege of watching the show. I think it’s a fair price, though you cannot download it and watch it offline. As for content, I think it was adequate and provided decent instructions for making a box, rather than a tote bag. The chevron idea is certainly cute. And the rick-rack edging is fun. Overall, I think that once you see the basic construction techniques, you’ll be able to come up with all sorts of fine ideas of your own for making fabric boxes.


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