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Fashion Revolution is an organization created to build awareness for how and where our clothes are made as well as awareness as to who makes these clothes. Read their mission statement HERE.

The date of April 24 is significant for this is the day one year ago where 1133 people died making clothing at the Rana Plaza in Bangladesh. It was a horrific event, which left over 2000 people injured and over 800 children orphaned. It is the deadliest garment-factory accident in history as well as the deadliest structural failure in history.

Out of this disaster a Fashion Revolution was born as a means to bring awareness and ultimately an end to child labor, sweatshop practices and factory related deaths. In addition  The Bangladesh Safety Accord was created after the Rana Plaza tragedy with the idea of building safety, fair wages and safer conditions for those that create the garments that we wear. There are many events going on world wide to commemorate Rana Plaza and to enact long lasting change.

If you would like more information please go to the websites at the bottom of this post. It’s guaranteed that for most of the images and posts that you read  you’ll never look at store bought clothes and other items in the same way.

Child forced to make Christmas items.
Bangladesh Factory Fire
Victims from 2012 Bangladesh Garment Factory Fire

Seamstresses are a lucky lot, for many of us can make a lot of what we long to wear. Or, we can Make Do and Mend, which allows us not to go out and purchase clothes every few weeks, like we’ve grown so accustomed to with this Fast Fashion world we live in.

I hope you join this thought provoking Fashion Revolution, or at the least give pause to the clothing on your back (and front) and how it got there. With a shift in thought and action, albeit a colossal one, in how we dress ourselves, we can go from the horrific images like those above to this.

Image from http://www.popinjay.com


“Behind every article of clothing, is a world; a person with dreams and hopes who wants to get ahead”. Doris Restrepo, a garment worker in Medellin, Colombia.


Thank you,

Jill Case

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  1. Many of us can make a lot of what we long to wear. Or, we can Make Do and Mend, which allows us not to go out and purchase clothes every few weeks, like we’ve grown so accustomed to with this Fast Fashion world we live in. This is the content what will give the people consciousness about garments Industries. And thanks a lot for sharing this content with us.

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