My Favorite Pattern-of-the-Week: A Batwing Top

Batwing Collage

Hancock Fabrics recently had one of their 99c pattern sales for at least one of the big 4 companies.  They also had a sale on Kwik Sew patterns.  I always give Kwik Sew patterns a look – they seem to have a lot of nice looking basic, functional patterns for wardrobe building.  I was perusing the catalogs looking for a nice basic skirt pattern for my daughter, whose next cosplay outfit is going to be Jade Harley wearing God Tier.  She’s from something called HomeStuck.

JadeHarley wearing GodTier

I was going through all the pattern books for all the pattern lines that were on sale.  I happened upon this fabulous looking batwing top.  It’s Kwik Sew 3891.


I think it’s actually the purple fabric on the model to the right that really caught my eye.  But I think that the drapey flow and easy lines of the top are appealing as well.  This was a keeper.

I’d been slaving away on a sad attempt to sew a “winter dress” and was sorely disappointed with the outcome.  The fabric was too drab, the fit was okay but not good, and it just doesn’t flatter me much nor keep me warm.  So to cheer myself up, I pulled out my latest purple stretchy sparkly polyester fabric from Fabric Mart and got to it.

On PatternReview the reviews for KS 3891 all indicate that following the suggested sizing yields a top that is too big.  Normally, for Kwik Sew patterns, I fall squarely in between a Small and a Medium.  This time I sewed an XS.  I traced the pattern and cut the fabric in one evening.  I did all of the sewing the next evening.  And here’s a little tip if you choose to make this top yourself: follow the directions for sewing the underarm seam!  I didn’t read the directions and ended up ripping it all out and doing it again.

To sew this top together, I used a Pfaff Stretch needle (OOP) made by Schmetz and a narrow zig-zag for seams and top stitching.  Sometimes I use the IDT (built-in walking foot) on the Pfaff with knits, but I didn’t need to on this.  And though the packaging suggests buying 2.5 yards of 58″ fabric, I only needed 1.5 yds.

I love this top!  It’s easy to sew, easy to wear, and just plain ole fun.  I liked it so much I made a second one out of a recent fabric purchase from Chicago.  The fabric for the second one has real glitter on it and it was shedding glitter like crazy! So I washed and dried it before sewing.  Let that be a lesson for me – don’t buy fabric with shiny stuff on it, especially if it’s shedding!


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