Sew All 26 – A is for Angel


I’ve  joined in on an idea from no big dill to  Sew All 26 160.  Sew all 26 is a pledge to sew an item for each letter of the alphabet, from A through Z. My A project is this sweet angel.

  I made this lovely angel from the craft book Sew Pretty Christmas Homestyle. This sewing book was written by Tone Finnanger and published in August 2007 – I borrowed it from the library. This book is beautifully styled – it has stunning photography and charming illustrations. The fabric color choices are unique and they gave me a new perspective on Christmas color schemes. I would say that all of the many crafting books by Tone Finnanger have an elegant country style, so if this is not your look you may not enjoy her books. While I don’t love country style I think with different fabric choices some of the projects could work with any style décor. I chose to make the stuffed angel project and this doll has an adorable old fashioned vibe.

To be completely honest I’m not a big fan of stuffed projects. The part I’m the least fond of is the hand sewing required. Yuck, I hate hand sewing, and I always manage to hurt myself doing it. Although on this angel I did learn that using a curved upholstery needle helps quite a bit. But before I tried the curved needle I discovered that using your own saliva works best for removing your blood from fabric. So I’d really recommend getting the curved needle – unless you also want to test my excellent blood removal method for yourself…

I like quite a few of the 35 projects in Sew Pretty Christmas Homestyle but I found the instructions a tad scanty. I think it would be a good idea to have someone besides the author make each project and then give feedback on the directions. The steps probably seem obvious to the author, having designed and sewn each project already, but I felt like I had to figure out a lot on my own.

I made this angel to be attached as sort of a decoration on top of a stack of Christmas gifts for my best friend. I’m the worst when it comes to thinking up gifts for people. So I fell back on something I’ve done before… I bought all the books in a series by an author that my friend hasn’t read yet, but hopefully she’ll like. So in an effort to make it at least a little different than the previous time I used this gift idea – the angel topper.

Now what can I sew that starts with B?

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