Hi, I’m Kitty (aka katboulder) and I’m an avid fabric collector! I’ve loved sewing for decades but I’m still struggling to move from advanced beginner to intermediate sewer status.

My goal is to get over my many sewing fears (zippers, buttonholes, welt pockets – oh my!) with lots of practice and by learning techniques that are out of my comfort zone. I measure my progress by noting how often I curse while sewing and I’m proud to say that I’m now completely past threatening to throw my sewing machine through the window.

My mother was a wonderful seamstress and I fondly remember clothing she made for me as a child on her vintage Singer sewing machine. She even took tailoring classes at Cornell, but except for a few beginner classes I’m mostly self-taught.

When I’m not working on my sewing obsession I love reading, volunteering, thrift stores and sewing blogs.


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