Vintage Sewing Center & Museum, Tulsa OK

I recently posted on Facebook Atlas Obscura’s story on the Vintage Sewing Center & Museum in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It’s a fun look at one of the few sewing museums in the country. A fan had made a comment that the owner of the museum WK Binger had been shot in the face. I at first didn’t believe it and privately messaged the museum to find out what was going on.  Turns out it’s true. A shooter, (a random act of violence) shot at Binger while he was eating dinner. The bullet lodged in his jaw. Incredibly, he didn’t want to go to the hospital because he wanted to have apron blanks and vintage sewing center musuem

embroidery set up for a Girl Scout visit that was scheduled on the same day.

The shooting took place and May of 2019. Now, the museum and owners need your help. The shooting and subsequent injuries (broken jaw, shattered teeth) have put a unplanned stress on the museum operations. I know how generous the sewing community is and so I asked if I could help spread the word in hopes of generating some donations to offset the medical expenses and running the museum itself.

Attached you will find information

On how to become an M-bassador (as fans are called!) as well as a flyer to the museum itself.

Ways you can help out.

For Paypal donations:

For checks send to:

Vintage Sewing Center & Museum

5528 S Peoria, Tulsa, OK 74105

Patreon Account donations go to:

In 2017 Binger opened the Vintage Sewing Center and Museum (locally known as the M) and it has won rave reviews from sewists, seamstresses and even non-crafty types. It houses over a 1000 sewing machines from all makes, manufacturers and decades. There are historically significant machines a wonderful selection of children’s machines, treadles and heavy duty machines.

In addition the museum has long arm quilting machine and a leather sewing machine for rental. You can also book birthday parties, school groups, social gatherings there for a really unique event.

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