Operation: Core Wardrobe – No Pain No Gain – Editing the closet

Still moving forward on my core wardrobe. This is the tough part, editing the closet. Twice a year I change from a spring/summer wardrobe to the fall/winter. And, every year I put a few things in the ‘Donate’ pile. Well, it’s about to get a bit ugly this year. With my goal of sewing a core wardrobe it’s important to get rid of things that really make no sense AND take up valuable space.  I don’t really follow the Year Rule (toss it if you didn’t wear it for a year). Now if I haven’t worn it for 3 or more, time to toss it.Operation Core Wardrobe

As for sentimental pieces, I’m a bit more stubborn. 

I happen to love this skirt. It’s made from vintage bark cloth. But, how many times have I worn it? Maybe 2. But, I can’t part with it. Maybe because it’s so unique, I don’t know.

There was this recent creation that I didn’t even blog about. I’ve worn it a couple of times. Its reversible! Wee! Well, I look weird it in. Its made with silk so its now a sleep shirt.

This I bought for my  mom’s wedding several years ago. There’s a matching skirt. Never worn it sense. What to do? Hold?
And, this from the early 90’s hold. Silk too. Love the color. But, the cut is kind of dated.

I have ill fitting jeans, too long, too tight etc. I’m cutting the longer ones into either shorts or just hemming them up. The rest, gone.

Lastly,  I have an old denim shirt and a wool sweater that were my dads. I have them hanging in my closet season after season. Maybe I’ll make something out of them.
double pic of shirts

And, on and on I go, piece by piece. At the end of it all it feels really good to get rid of things. And, so far I’ve never regretted getting rid of anything. But some decisions are tough. How do you edit your closet?

After the hard work, now the fun starts! Picking the patterns for the core wardrobe.


  1. I wonder if you could find individuals in your area who like to refashion, or repurpose outdated pieces? Florals are HUGE right now and that vintage skirt if brought up a few inches and paired with a pair of colorful tights and a flowy top would be so fun! And the green jacket would be up to date if you rolled to three quarter sleeves, shortened the length to just above the hip, and removed the button to close it with a skinny belt instead. Love your pieces, sad you have to part with them!


    • Well, now maybe I don’t have too! Your ideas about the green jacket might just be the thing. I can at least hem it and the skinny belt would be so cute. And, you’re right about the skirt. I feel kind of dumpy in it. So maybe tapering it and raising them hem might take the frumpy-ness out of it. Awesome ideas! Thank you so much!

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  2. Good for you! Those sentimental pieces? They are out of my closet and in a box. Why? I will not wear them again, cannot bear to part with them, need the closet room, yet love having them in my life. Now I can admire them once and a while by going through the box at my leisure.

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  3. Ooo! Lovely pieces there. The green printed jacket from the 90s is great. I had a navy blazer I made in the early 90s which I could not bear to discard. This year I removed the sleeves, adjusted the shoulders and it is now an on-trend “sleeveless jacket” (as the fashion pundits like to call it). I wore it more in one week than I wore it all these years. See it on my blog – don’t want to shamelessly self-promote here, or anything…..

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  4. Wow, good for you for editing your wardrobe! This is something I find impossible to do unless I’m in a purging mood. Unfortunately my volunteer work at the thrift store has given me ample opportunity to add to my clothing stockpile. It’s become completely out of control, I’m hoping your series will be my inspiration for change!

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  5. What a fun and interesting process. I really like your eclectic pieces! You should keep them just cuz their different. I like the idea of doing something with your dad’s clothes. I have some pieces that I keep for sentimental reasons that I never wear. Maybe I could do something with them, too.

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