Another Batty Top – McCalls 6704

McCalls 6704 Collage

After having made two Kwik Sew 3891 Batwing tops that I *love*, I remembered that I made this batwing-like top over the summer, hoping to look like the lovely lady on the pattern envelope, casually posing with her bicycle.

McCalls 6704 Continue reading


Getting Into A Stranger’s Boxers

PicMonkey Collage

Have you ever wanted to get into a stranger’s boxers? I have and I did (shhh, don’t tell my husband). And here are the photos to prove it! Continue reading

Burda February 2014 Review

Burda Febuary 2014 Cover

I have a running hypothesis with just about all pattern magazines that the number of patterns I like in an issue is inversely proportional to the attractiveness of the cover. Hence I was stoked to receive this month’s issue of Burda UK in my mailbox because… well, just look at that fugliness! It reminds me of the color scheme of every bathroom in the Midwest I can remember from the 80’s. Let’s see if the patterns live up to the cover… Continue reading

Indie Patterns – Worth The Price?

il_570xN_401198974_8psf American Gothic Picture

Okay, I’m the first to admit that I’m thrifty. Really, it’s a genetic thing! My ancestors were all frugal Yankee farmers – I  can remember my relatives wrapping stray bits of string into a big ball and making sausages from scary scraps of meat. I learned from them to be frugal with my purchases, but recently it occurred to me that perhaps my thrifty ways are not as cost-effective as I thought. Especially when it comes to purchasing my sewing patterns. Let me explain what I mean. Continue reading

My Favorite Pattern-of-the-Week: A Batwing Top

Batwing Collage

Hancock Fabrics recently had one of their 99c pattern sales for at least one of the big 4 companies.  They also had a sale on Kwik Sew patterns.  I always give Kwik Sew patterns a look – they seem to have a lot of nice looking basic, functional patterns for wardrobe building.  I was perusing the catalogs looking for a nice basic skirt pattern for my daughter, whose next cosplay outfit is going to be Jade Harley wearing God Tier.  She’s from something called HomeStuck. Continue reading

Born on this day – Christian Dior

christian_dior po

Christian Dior, always a favorite among the sewing and fashion set, was born January 21, 1905 in Normandy, France.  For fashion historians and lovers of vintage style Dior is best known for his “New Look” which emerged right after World War Two. The “New Look” was presented in 1947 and was seen as a fashion revolution that brought women out of the boxy, rationed designs from the war years into voluptuous, excessive glamour. Dior is cited as being the designer who brought fashion back to Paris with his “New Look”. Continue reading

C is for Christine Jonson Patterns

az, christine jonson tie-back top 025

For my third project, the letter C, in my quest to  Sew All 26 160 I chose a Christine Jonson Pattern. Recently Christine Jonson had a holiday sale and there was a 30% discount on sewing patterns. That was enough of a savings on a single pattern to cover the shipping cost. Since I can never pass up a bargain, the time was right for me to try the Christine Jonson pattern line! I immediately ordered pattern #107, the Tie-back Top.  Continue reading